The spillover effects of the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project are projected to change the socio-economic landscape of the states concerned and stimulate economic development.

The mega public transport initiative, involving a 640-kilometre track, is expected to have a huge impact on the states which will be in the path of the ECRL, namely Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Federal Territory of Putrajaya and Selangor.

The project is expected to be completed in December 2026, with the realigned track passing through 20 stations, starting from Kota Bahru to Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan and Mentakab in the coast and then Jelebu, Bangi/Kajang, Putrajaya Sentral and, finally, Port Klang.

The project will also benefit the existing KLIA Express Rail Link (ERL) and the upcoming MRT2 SSP Line’s interchange in Putrajaya Sentral. It is expected to reduce travel time from Kota Bharu to Putrajaya Sentral to about four hours, from eight to 12 hours at present.

The presence of a bigger workforce will also spur the economy of small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as increase the demand for food, houses, grocery stores and transport in the states where the (ECRL) track will pass through.

It is part of China’s mega Belt and Road Initiative, furthermore, the Kuantan Port-ECRL-Port Klang section will shorten travel time between the two ports.

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