About Us

CT Precise Engineering Sdn Bhd was founded on 2010, with the objective to provide services, support and solutions to the industry.

With our experience in several industries such as, Oil&Gas, chemicals, rubber and plastic manufacturers, as well as Iron Ore mining, Iron&Steel processing domestically, we have developed strong relationship with our customers and gained experiences by providing services with our technical know-how in order to serve the growing demand of manufacturing sector particularly in Malaysia.

In the revolution to industry 4.0, with our personnel and network of partners we ensure a complete range of products and services, providing the industry a reliable support from the selection, installation, start-up and commissioning throughout maintenance and troubleshooting.

Our Services

We provide system integration for industry automation.

With our vast experiences in Industrial Instrumentation, we can provide additional services on Conveyors, Belt Scales, Field devices, Sensors, Electrical equipment and pumps, Gas detectors as well as firefighting equipment.

We have obtained partnership with various international brands and we are in the process to increase our network in order to provide better and wider services.