Rope Access and Abseiling Services

Rope Access and Abseiling Services

Rope Access and Abseiling Services


CT Precise Engineering Sdn Bhd provide rope access and abseiling services. Using rope access techniques, our highly trained and qualified personnel can perform a variety of maintenance and inspection tasks. CT Precise technicians specializes in rope access and abseiling for uses in various industries including construction ,power plant and oil and gas.

Abseiling is a novel approach to high-level access work that is a safer and more cost-effective alternative to scaffolding or powered access. The rope access method allows for faster and easier reach of areas that are usually inaccessible in a safe manner.

All our team members working in high-rise environments are given rigorous training with internationally recognised training providers from IRATA international certificate as well as a requirement of completing a minimum number of training hours before they are cleared to perform their duties in the field.

Advantages of Abseiling Services

  • Safe and efficient means to perform high-rise tasks
  • High-level maintenance, inspection and cleaning can be done
  • Reduce disruption at site level
  • Reduce potential for damage
  • Faster and more cost-efficient than scaffolding

CT Precise Engineering Sdn Bhd provide service to Kuantan, Pekan, Pahang, Kemaman, Terengganu. Also we cover for Oil and Gas, Chemical Industries, General Industries, Steel Industries, Glass Industries, Automotive Industries and many more.

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